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Flex it Friday

How it works:

Each week a new “Rock” containing a cash prize is hidden somewhere in the Greater Victoria area. Each rock is sponsored by a local business. Prizes usually range between $50 – $500.

A way to get a Code Word is then shared every Friday with community members of the FlexitFriday Facebook Group. When the Code Word is entered into the Flex it Friday website, a photo of the Rock/Location is revealed. The first person to find the rock gets the cash. A bonus gift is awarded to the first person to post a selfie from the location the rock was found.

How to get started:

1) Join the Facebook Group FlexitFriday

2) Click Announcements; look for an unclaimed Rock & how to get the code word

3) Visit the Enter Code word website page & input the correct code

4) You will be redirected to a picture of a hidden rock or  location

5) Find that Rock & all it's glory! It's yours!

6) ***BONUS*** be the first to post a selfie picture in the group at the rock location Flexing it and win the Bonus gift listed



The Rocks are currently hidden on Vancouver Island within the  Greater Victoria & surrounding areas.

New postings on Facebook every Friday by 5pm

This is an open group - invite your family, friends & co-workers!

If the picture doesn't say "Found" & no one has posted a picture  Flexing it at the location on Facebook under the link, Go get it!



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