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Originally started as an idea to help out a buddy that was suffering from some health & stress issues back in December 2020. I wanted to give him an incentive to get out of the house, exercise and explore, so I hid a Rock with $50 cash in it on a golf course, took a picture of it and sent it to him. He searched but couldn't find it, so he asked a bunch of friends and word spread. When he did finally find it, everyone loved it, so I hid another one and posted to the group of friends; it got shared and grew from there. With such positive feedback from so many people & the community it was building, I had to keep it going.

Now local business are chipping in and sponsoring hidden rocks to help keep it sustainable. There is now well over 6000+ people in the group, they call themselves "Stonehounds"


A multi-generational level 2.0 Ninja; Mr.Watters developed skills in the art of hiding things at a very young age. He has trained deep in the hills of the Highlands for numerous years hiding nuts from ground squirrels. Now only rarely seen in places you didn't think existed, Mr.Watters currently hides multiple rocks throughout Victoria for Flex it Friday Productions.

Interesting Fact:

It is rumored that Mr.Watters once won a game of connect four in less then three moves

Why are we doing this?

Getting outside, discovering new places and exercise is good for mental & physical health. We want to help support a healthy lifestyle & promote local businesses that support the community!

Chek News Report Link:

What The Members Are Saying

“Where's the fuckin rock Watters?”

Ryan & Michelle

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