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The Moore Family


This family of foxes has been lighting it up with finds. It's rumored that they have built 2 bridges and 3 cities with left over found rocks. Shon is the current the Rockstar Champ. Back in December 2020, Shon passed the former champ JD Twa, delivering a crushing blow to JD's ego,  sending him into a state of severe insecurity and peril. We believe JD will one day gain the strength and more importantly the courage to give this Champ Shon a run for his money; but with Shon's ever increasing keen sense of intuition and rock finding capabilities, it's going to be hard uphill battle for JD to even come close to keeping up with Shon. Nice Work Shon!

Ps. Rumor: JD owes Shon $25 and a free chocolate milk?

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